KASSA Interiors offers E-Design services as an online service only. As a boutique design firm, we are focused on maintaining our brand image and design style which resonates most with Timeless, Classic, Modern and Luxury Interiors.

We bring rustic and antique feel to your space but with a timeless and modern twist. 

All of our suggestions and recommendations through our E-Design services are conducted online only. We strive to deliver client with the most unique space recommendations we work on crafting for client and clients family's needs.

In the E-Design process, client fills out a questionnaire, therefore agreeing to provide a complete profile with information on client's desires, budget & requirements that are of essential value to KASSA Interiors in order to complete the project. 

KASSA Interiors will provide the final E-design service in a professional and timely manner as outlined on the E-Design for individual room packages which are within 8-10 business days. In the event client has purchased the Rendering service in addition to purchasing a room package, the delivery of the complete package will take up to 3 weeks. 

One revision upon final package delivery shall be provided. For each additional revision , clients agrees to pay additional revision fee of $165 per revision. 

All e-design room packages are communicated via email only. If client desires to have an additional phone consultation , client agrees to paying an additional $125 per phone call or $495 for an in person consultation. 

KASSA Interiors does not provide e-design services based on structural changes to the room. If clients space needs to undergo construction, we recommend retaining KASSA Interiors for a full service design if client is located in the New York Tri State Area. 

KASSA Interiors shall not be held responsible for any delivery, installation, fabrication, construction or personal safety outcomes, missed deadlines, failure to successful project completion due to the acts or omissions of the businesses and business individuals involved in completion of the e-design project such as : contractors, electricians, plumbers, window treatment installers , subcontractors, vendors, trade vendors or any other persons directly or indirectly involved in the e-design project nor for any missed dates and deadlines. 

In addition, KASSA Interiors is not held responsible for any furniture delivery arrangement, repairs, damage during delivery or communication, freight claims, fabrication pattern misalignment before, during and after the e-design project completion. 

Client will be asked to agree to these Terms & Conditions at the end of Questionnaire completion. Failure to agree to this agreement between KASSA Interiors and client will result in no further action in regards to work on the design , nor payment shall be taken from client. 


By hiring KASSA Interiors to transform your space , we put in valuable time and our expertise into creating a timeless space for clients family, hence we are unable to offer refunds for any e-design service that has already been delivered to you or that is already underway.

If client is unhappy with any part of the design service, we urge client to contact us so we can make necessary changes to make client happy. KASSA Interiors does not offer refunds in the event clients personal preferences have changed or if client has moved without being able to implement our design suggestions. 

Customer service is of out most importance to us , so before client rejects our suggestions right away, give KASSA Interiors a chance to make necessary changes and an opportunity to make client happy. There will be no refunds unless KASSA Interiors has been given the chance to rectify and tweak our suggestions. 

Refunds for UNUSED e-design consultation packages pass 90 days will be subject to a 10% fee on the total service purchase price.